A native of Alabama and a graduate of Indian Springs School, Bates College, and the London School of Economics, I moved to Portland, OR in the spring of 2017 to pursue a career as an aspiring artist and to have a fresh start at life. Wish me luck!

Control and perfection are things that I search for through my work; each just beyond my grasp. Armed with a compass, ruler, pen, and paper, I began exploring the beauty of the circle and the innumerable designs that can be created with this simple shape. In at least this, I had control. I could control how each design unfolded. I found that with the compass I could create perfect designs, but the moment I put ink to paper that perfection diminished. My hand would shake just slightly or I couldn’t trace the pencil line with the same precision as the that compass created it. I have slowly come to the realization that perfection is not a prerequisite of beauty. It is, in fact, the imperfections that create and highlight individuality. They are beautiful.